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Keynote Speakers

Emanuel Chris Welch Illinois Speaker of the House

Emanuel “Chris” Welch has served as a State Representative in the Illinois General Assembly since January 2013. On January 13, 2021, Chris became the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. The first Black lawmaker to hold such position. Prior to becoming Speaker, Welch served as Chair of the House Executive Committee and before that he Chaired Higher Education. All positions where he left a positive mark.

Bryan Lee Founder/Design Principal of Colloqate Design

Bryan is an Architect, educator, writer, and Design Justice activist. He is the founder/Design Principal of Colloqate Design a nonprofit multidisciplinary design practice, in New Orleans, Louisiana, dedicated to expanding community access to design and creating spaces of racial, social, and cultural equity. He is a Design Critic at Harvard GSD and has led two award-winning youth community design programs.

Bryan is a founding co-organizer of the DAP (Design As Protest) Collective and Dark Matter University. He was most recently honored as one of the 2018 Fast Company Most Creative People in Business, a USC Annenberg MacArthur Civic Media Fellow, and the youngest design firm to win the Architectural League’s Emerging Voices award in 2019.

David Zach Futurist

David is one of the few professionally-trained Futurists on the planet, but he still can’t predict the future. He did predict that you might have wondered….

His talks focus on the cultural and social (often humorous) implications of technological and demographic fads and trends.

Design has become a central theme running through his talks. He believes that design determines value – and the better design, the more value. If more people learned to think like designers, it could improve the ways the future is made. If designers learned to think more like futurists and explored more divergent, long-term implications, the future would benefit from that too.

This focus on design created a bit of a niche, and he's keynoted over 100 design conferences. This also led to David being on the AIA-WI board of directors and from 2010-13 as a public director on the American Institute of Architects national board. He earned an MS in Futures Research from the University of Houston, and a BA in Political Science from University of Wisconsin. He lives in Milwaukee and can see the Calatrava out his window.

Nikil Saval Pennsylvania State Senator

Senator Nikil Saval is a father, husband, writer, and organizer. Saval has extensive experience in community and electoral organizing. In 2016, he was a leader in Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. From this experience, Saval went on to co-found Reclaim Philadelphia, working for racial, gender, and economic justice throughout the Philadelphia area. In 2018, he was elected as Leader of Philadelphia’s Democratic Second Ward.

In his career as a writer, Saval has been a frequent contributor to The New York Times, contributing writer for The New Yorker, covering architecture, design, and housing. Saval previously served as co-editor of the literary journal n+1 and still serves on its board of directors. In 2014, Saval published his book Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace. In Cubed, he examined the long-term evolution of the office from its roots in 19th century counting houses all the way to the cubicle, presenting a world in which workplaces, and lives of the workers within them, could be improved in the future.



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